Chinese medicine recipe Treatment of prostate cancer options

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Prostatic carcinoma, prostatic cancer is the most common male reproductive system malignant tumors. The incidence is increased With increasing age. Prostate cancer is most common in northwestern Europe and North America. The tumor in prostate gland was caught at an early and very likely curable stage.

Prostate cancer treatment options

for stage, Currently, according to the staging of prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment options are as follows:
Prostate cancer stage I, Patients were diagnosed with prostate cancer When the patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia, It was a chance, Disease is limited, Most of the patient’s condition is stable. Degree of condition deteriorated is relatively slowly. According to clinical statistics there is only 1% of patients die of cancer. The main principle of cancer is detecting and treating in time. Prostate Radical surgery, radiation therapy and Endocrine therapy is not suitable for patients with prostate cancer stage 1. A few days ago, Chinese experts pointed out that city, in the treatment of prostatitis, Chinese medicine has been simple and effective way. Treatment of Chronic prostatitis by traditional Chinese medicine and material medica (TCM)has a wide development prospection. Patients need a regular basis to do DRE, B-ultrasound and determined Blood acid phosphatase. Chinese herbs can control the disease.

Prostate Cancer Stage II, In stage II, the tumor has grown inside the prostate but hasn’t extended beyond it. 35% of patients with prostate tumors appear worsening of symptoms. Radical prostatectomy is widely used in the treatment of early prostate cancer. Prostate cancer-specific mortality rates at 10 years for the younger age group were 1.3% with surgery, 0.5% with brachytherapy and 3.7% with no definitive therapy. However, during surgery found that 5% -20% of patients had lymph node metastasis. so that the patients should to do radical resection of prostate cancer, radical surgery for 15 years, the survival rate up to50% -70%. Prostate Cancer Stage III, Stage III prostate cancer has spread outside the prostate, but only barely. Prostate cancer in stage III may involve nearby tissues, like the seminal vesicles. About 50% of patients with prostate cancer, the tumor has violated the seminal vesicle. At the same time, 25% -35% of cases with lymph node metastasis. The stage III prostate cancer treatment options is that Radical surgery for prostate, pelvic lymph node dissection, Orchiectomy, Endocrine therapy, Radiotherapy and radiotherapy within the organization. 15-year cancer survival rate was 25%, After radical surgery.

Prostate Cancer Stage IV. In stage IV, the cancer has spread (metastasized) outside the prostate to other tissues. Stage IV prostate cancer commonly spreads to lymph nodes, the bones, liver, or lungs. this stage is advanced prostate cancer, Prostate cancer treatment options is not uniform, Most patients with symptoms of prostate cancer metastasis to the pelvic lymph nodes. The following treatment is more suitable for the patients, 1. Expand the scope of the External radiotherapy is suitable for elderly patients and patients with poor health. 2. Endocrine therapy (including two-orchiectomy) Removing a man’s testicles (orchiectomy) is an effective way to shut off production of this hormone without the need for daily medications. To do combination therapy, Expand the scope of the External radiotherapy and radical surgery for prostate cancer is combinated.

3. Tissue Radiation therapy and external radiotherapy are suitable for patients without lymph node metastasis and distant metastasis, patients with relatively healthy body. Prostate Cancer Stage Ⅴ, Endocrine therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy are the main treatment options for this stage. Endocrine tumor treatment can prolong survival time, 5-year survival rate is up to 30%.

Chinese medicine recipe Treatment of prostate cancer options : Rhizoma Imperatae 30 grams, Talcum powder 30 grams, Licorice 10 grams, Peach 15 grams, Safflower 30 g, Shuijianbi day 1, morning and evening hours service.

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Chinese medicine recipe Treatment of prostate cancer options

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Chinese medicine recipe Treatment of prostate cancer options

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